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THE balancing ACT: being a business-owneR,A wife a mother and a life -coacH.

Updated: Aug 21

God said "I didn't put a parent and a child in the garden". “ I put a husband and a wife there”. When you marry and say I do that must supersede all other relations. "The Two shall become one".

Contrary to popular belief, the most important relationship to a Godly mother should not be her relationship with her kids, its her relationship with her husband.

One of the most unyielding battles I face personally as a wife , is making it a priority over my kids and business. I failed miserably at this, from time to time, but I am always trying my best to improve drastically in this area. Placing my husband's needs before my kids and my company. I wrestle mentally with all the worldly reasons internally, why I should‘nt have to put his needs first.

Lets just keep it real!

Its hard to be a millennial woman while adopting the concept of submission, especially when divorce and separation is a every day reality. We can hope and pray for the best, but life happens and sometimes we have no control over it. I put in the work however, I value family and marriage and for that I do my part 100%.

How do I do this you may ask? I had to graduate from being an employee in my company in order to have a healthy happy marriage. Meaning I no longer work 17 hours a day. I work 3-5 days a week and 8 hours within those days . The other days, I have adapted to working from home. Most people who work for themselves are busy doing everything for their company and are therefore neglecting the most important relationship; their marriage! The average person who works for themselves, work an average of 17-19 hours a day 6-7 days a week, leaving very little time for family or marriage, leaving the door wide open for divorce to walk in.

There are days I'm annoyed and totally in business mode, I don't wish to be bothered nor interrupted but I am always mindful not to remain in that mindset for long, because I know that it is easy access for the enemy. We've learnt to use our time together effectively and wisely as well as our time apart.

We talk a lot, we share intimate thoughts and fears. We admit our failures and understand that we are still learning each other daily.

Put work down for a minute and focus .