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the Entrepenturer


“Everything started as nothing.” —Ben Weissenstein

Mitzie believes in an economy that works for everyone; in order to address such entrenched economic disparities, we must center the experiences of those who bear the burden of inequality. The low-wage worker who has no recourse when a government shutdown robs them of their paycheck etc. Read her perspective as she shares real-life issues from real people who are affected daily.   


Learn the tricks to Mit-z's success as a female and a veteran business owner as she extends the pitfalls experienced within her region and how to overcome them as an Entrepreneur. Listen to the story of how she lost everything and how she bounced back. Your access is granted to monthly support in the areas you want to hear about most as a woman

the Sr. Director


“A competent director establishes an atmosphere that allows individuals under their guidance to reach new heights!” —Unknown.

Mitzie, holds the esteemed position of Senior Director at the International School of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology. In her current role, she leads a team of 14 highly qualified educators who are responsible for the institution's Magnet Programme.


Prior to joining the school, Ms. Turnquest served as the Director of VIP Services at the renowned Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. She attained this impressive position at the young age of 25, where she trained VIP Customer Service Representatives to cater to the resort's elite clientele. Ms. Turnquest's remarkable achievements and exceptional leadership skills make her a valuable asset to the institution.

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the Blogger

"The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!" —Edward Bulwer-Lytton


Mitzie tells it all in her blog. Take a front-row seat as she provides a birds-eye view of her perspective on key topics. Learn more about her passion and what her plans are for 2022 & beyond.


In her blog, Mitzie addresses her perspective on national and international issues that continue to stagnate our country more than perhaps ever before. Stagnant wages, the legacy of discriminatory banking practices, the importance of a better educational system and the erosion of the social safety net that stifles economic mobility and perpetuates devastating poverty and everything in between.


All of these topics and more, she gives her experience, her view and her suggestion on how we can begin the process of correcting some of these issues. 

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the Mother


“Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything.” —Unknown

In the future, your daughters may introduce you to my sons, whom they will describe as loving, God-fearing, educated, kind-hearted, leaders, and go-getters. I take great pride in raising my sons to be goal-oriented and striving individuals, and I will ensure that they embody these qualities.

As a mother, my main responsibility is to raise men who are in tune with their emotions and capable of feeling the full range of human experiences. This is a gift not only to them, but also to their future partners, children, society, and the world.

Rather than teaching boys to be tough, we should focus on cultivating compassion, care, sensitivity, love, and kindness within them. This will break the cycle of men silently suffering under the weight of their pain, and will prevent the glorification of toughness as a badge of honor. No more.

Speaker Extraordinaire


Mitzie is a passionate supporter of women's rights and education. Her dedication to empowering women is evident in her participation as a panelist and keynote speaker at numerous local and international forums that focus on female entrepreneurship and business.


Her expertise has been invaluable to the Ministry of Education, as she worked closely with them to develop and implement a module for the Transitional Alternative Programme (TAPS).


In addition, Mitzie's unwavering commitment to supporting women is reflected in her creation and hosting of two highly successful events: "Future Belongs to Female," an annual networking event for women, and "Dress for a Cure," an annual fundraiser for women affected by breast cancer. Mitzie's contributions to the advancement of women are truly remarkable and inspire many to follow in her footsteps.

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