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In other words,

"Let's talk about it over drinks1"

Let's Chit Chat

Women carry so much in their lives. They sit with grief from broken relationships,  domestic abuse, and —scary childhoods. Designed to be emotional bearers of life, it is important that, as women, we have somewhere to go, someone to talk to, and a shoulder to lean on, but more importantly, it is paramount that you know how many other women face the exact same struggles you do. A room of sharing and caring on topics deep and dark. Learn from the mistakes of women like you and listen to what they went through.

Meet the Hosts

Girl Talk but Elevated!

Mitzie had a well-defined and concise vision for her brand, "Cocktails & Conversations". Her primary goal was to establish a secure and welcoming environment for women hailing from diverse backgrounds to engage in productive and affirmative dialogues regarding relevant issues that women often confront, including marriage, divorce, and business.


The launch event was accessible to all and highlighted a panel of knowledgeable men who were available to address any queries or concerns that the female attendees might have.


“Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent.”

-Dionysius Of Halicarnassus


Let's have a Heart-to-Heart

Cocktails and conversations allow for genuine and significant conversations to occur. Within this environment, women can openly and honestly express themselves, sharing their experiences with confidence and a sense of validity. They feel secure in the knowledge that their emotions are being recognized and affirmed by empathetic listeners who not only listen but also acknowledge their feelings. This creates a space where vulnerability is welcomed and where meaningful connections can be made.

Every good Conversation starts with Good Listening!

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