Cocktails and Conversations Meet Her Series 2020, an empowerment and networking event for women within our community hosted by local fashion connoisseur and business mogul Mit-z Turnquest. The brand is designed to host 7 major events per year with the first of them under the theme "Show Me How to Love” promising to be a packed space, rimming to capacity with a diversified body of women.

Mit-z’s vision for this brand,“Cocktails & Conversations” was primarily to provide a safe environment for healthy, positive exchange between women of diverse backgrounds, pressing play on topics women struggle with such as divorce, marriage and business among other key conversational pieces. The launch event is designed to be free of charge to the general public and as a spin, will encompass a male panel which will serve to answer those burning questions our female guests may have.

This is not an opportunity to be missed


This signature event is the first of a 7

series annual event designed to speak to women of all walks of life on the topics of the heart: Love, Relationships, Sex, Intimacy, Dating & beyond. Sit in a room brimming with women who face the same relationship struggles. Bounce your modes desired questions off of real men; the single, dating & married! Hear what that have to say about how you feel & the solutions they feel will bring you the results you look for.


Women carry so much in their lives. They sit with grief from broken relationships,  domestic abuse, scary childhoods. Designed to be emotional bearers of life it is important that as women, we have somewhere to go, someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on but more importantly, it is paramount that you know how many other women face the exact same struggles you do. A room of sharing and caring on topics deep and dark. Learn from the mistakes of women like you and listen to what they went through.


In business, you will be knocked off your feet too many times to keep count, but it is only those that vow to get back on for another rodeo who's businesses truly last and bring forth the fruit they desire. You have got to find the inner strength to push through the struggle. If it were easy then everyone would have it. There is a reason God chose you for what you do. Sit with powerful women in business and hear their stories, the struggles they endured in business. After a mouth full of these stories, your plate will seem so much lighter believe me!