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Don't Give Up!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Not in the midst of battle. Stand up and fight.

You’ve come too far to put down your rock. You must throw it. Don’t give up. Not in the midst of battle. Stand up and fight.

I don’t know what battle you find yourself in right now, but you better check the evidence of your past of validation of your ability to defeat whatever stands before you. You never thought you’d survive that relationship and make it out alive, but you did. You never thought that after they fired you, you would ever find a job again, but you did. You never thought you could have left your toxic family behind, but you did. See, you’re not alone; there’s a community of people battling and fighting the same fight. You didn’t come this far and endured everything that brought you to this point to freeze in fear and put down your stone. You’re telling me you’ve battled all those storms, survived that dark alley, climbed that impossible mountain, crawled your way out of that hole, and now you're going to quit? Let me remind you of who you are and what you’ve been able to defeat in the past.

It’s time to pull out your resume and show off your certificates and trophies. Remind the Goliath standing before you that this isn’t the first fight you're in. Stand boldly and Show him how you’ve conquered and defeated your wars. Give him a glimpse of the flames you’ve set and the revolution and movement you’ve started. You’re a rebel, your disruptor; you're a leader, your a visionary. Show him a glimpse of what’s behind you, your army of supporters that refuse to let you stumble backwards or falter sideways. Your Goliath is literally stature and breath. Don’t you realize who stands alongside you? Pick up your stone and take down what’s in front of you.

He never sends your giants to kill you; He sends your giant to reveal who you are. Where’s your rock? Pick it up! This is not the time to give up! This is the time to AMP it up. Whether it’s your health, wealth, relationship, or your business, make a decision right now to do whatever it takes to slay your giant.

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