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                                                                         Mitzie is a Human Resources Leader who specializes

in leadership Development, female empowerment and giving back to the community. Mitzie is a resilient fierce leader with a passion and great interest in leadership, Good governance and the advancement of women and children. Mitzie is a respected voice on equality through empowerment, education and social justice for all. A passionated advocate for women, motivated by a life long commitment to progressive movement in politics . Her mission is to help women and girls access their individual influence and use it to define personal and professional attainment on their own terms.  A  veteran business owner, mentor, motivational speaker, lecturer, small business incubator, international buyer, life coach. Mitzie Turnquest is torn from potent Bahamian Fabric and reign from the nation's city; Nassau, The Bahamas. , Moved to fulfill her intended purpose in the building of a strong formation of women globally using the skills she has harnessed through her gold studded 12-year career as the Director of VIP Services; Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, , coupled with her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Bachelors in Business Management. Presently Mitzie holds the position as Sr. Director Of the International School of Business. Her story bears her tears in the overcoming of many seemingly impossible life challenges of homelessness, the death of 2 sisters and her father, financial collapse all of which bridged the path for poor self-esteem. She could have remained broken but instead, it has shaped the novel she is today.


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